Delivery Information

Once the order and payment is confirmed, shipping of products is scheduled within the next 3–7 working days. Complete care will be taken to deliver the ordered materials within 7 days. However, no claims will be entertained for late deliveries.


LIMSHOPPI keeps stock of all the popular and fast moving products shown in our catalog. When you order an item that is not available readily, we go out of our way to procure the same from distributors/manufacturers spread across India. This may sometimes result in unexpected and unconfirmed delay which is beyond our control. In case of delay due such to unavoidable circumstances beyond 30 days, you are free to cancel the order and claim a full refund. However, if you wish to cancel the order before 30 days, no refund will be made.


In case of non-availability of products LIMSHOPPI has the right to offer alternatives (Brand or Size etc) or cancel the item from the purchase order. In such cases the cost of the canceled products can be refunded or adjusted against other product.


Confirmation of a purchase order on LIMSHOPPI is intent to purchase the selected items by the member. However, LIMSHOPPI has the right to reconfirm the purchase order before supply. LIMSHOPPI also has the right to accept or deny the deliveries of a purchase order without assigning any reasons thereof.