Guest Posting Guidelines

According to SEO aspects, Guest Posting is very helpful for building effective backlinks. Guest posting is a wide platform were you can share your knowledge and ideas. You will get more famous plus your knowledge will become useful as well. You receive feedbacks in the form of comments. 

Ages ago guest posting was considered for creating stable backlinks but now a days it is also a good source of income as we are offering awards to our first shortlisted 10 Guest Posts

1st Article will be rewarded with Nexus

2nd Article will be received Portable Speaker

3rd Article will be honored with Dream Catcher

And rest of the 7 articles will be gifted Promo codes, you can avail discounts by using these discount codes while shopping with Limshoppi.

Every 1st date of the month will be updated with different gift rewards.


  • There should be content of limit 500-900.
  • Content should be simple, unique and informative.
  • Content should not be containing any images, if in case your content requires an image then the image will be added from our end, after your suggestion.

  • If you would like to add a URL in your blog you can write a code, %LINK% were you want to embed your link but if you want to add multiple links on Blog, then follow a sequence like

                           -  For first link, %LINK1%

                           -  For second link, %LINK2% and so on.  At the end of blog you can give reference to your links


                                             - %LINK1% -- reference to

                                             - %LINK2% -- reference to and so on.

  • If you want to embed links on anchor texts then you follow:

                   -  Anchor text ( Your Url)

    Suppose, if you want to add a guest post on fashion. Your fashion accessory is an anchor text and you want to embed link on it then you can go for:

                              Fashion accessory (Your URL)

  • An author can give a brief description about self and word limit would be 50 and can provide us with company link.
  • Your suggestion on the updates of your posted blog will be listened.


Thank you for your guest post.


Note: It is on the Limshoppi whether your post will be posted, corrected a bit and images can be added plus if your content is copied then that will not be approved.

Guidelines will be updated later and your blog will be checked accordingly, if in case your blog did not match then it might get deleted. As a matter of posting your blog as a guest post, you can email at